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Communication isn't just about what you say - it's also about what you do! Non-verbal communication includes your body language, gestures, and facial expressions, and all of these communicate as much as the words you say. In this online lesson about Non-verbal communication techniques, Priya Bates will guide you through a variety of non-verbal cues and how you can use them to communicate more effectively.

What you'll learn in the Non-verbal communication techniques lesson

  • What non-verbal cues mean
  • Why non-verbal cues are important
  • Four essential non-verbal tips for communicating in the workplace

Who the Effective communication essentials course is for

The Effective communication essentials online course is aimed at professionals in any industry looking to improve their communication skills.


Priya Bates

Priya Bates is a Strategic Communication Consultant, and President of Inner Strength Communication.

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