Danielle Gjestland

Danielle Gjestland

Founder and co-owner of Wasabi

Danielle Gjestland is the founder and co-owner of the acclaimed Noosa Sound restaurant Wasabi and a judge for the Australian Young Waiter category of the Electrolux Appetite For Excellence Awards.

In 2009, Danielle was awarded Young Restaurateur of the Year by Electrolux Appetite For Excellence. Since then, her restaurant staff have gone on to compete in the national finals for the Young Waiter of the Year and Young Chef of the Year categories.

Starting her hospitality career as manager of a travel agency and an international tour guide, Danielle spent time living in London and traveling the world. She opened Wasabi upon returning home to sunny Noosa – when she was just 24-years-old! Wasabi is now a nationally recognized restaurant that holds two chef hats.

In 2012, Danielle started work on Honeysuckle Hill, a restaurant farm where Japanese ingredients could be grown. The farm uses a Japanese composting system called bokashi, which ensures that all organic matter from Wasabi is used to nourish the farm’s soil.

With passion and determination for her work, Danielle makes bi-annual trips to Japan to source ingredients and ceramics, research new dishes, and ensure that Wasabi remains one of the best Japanese restaurants in Australia.


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