Sustainability 101

Issued by: EarthCheck


Environment dominates the sustainability conversation, but sustainability isn't just about protecting the earth's distant future. It's about making our lives better, today and tomorrow, in all kinds of ways. 

So that's what this online course is designed for: to show you that sustainability isn't a buzzword, or a conversation for "other people". You'll discover the small achievable steps YOU can take today to protect your business, foster a healthy working environment, and make sure your surroundings are as beautiful tomorrow as they were yesterday. 

What you'll learn in EarthCheck's course, Sustainability 101

  • What sustainability means 
  • Why it's so important
  • What sustainable tourism and hospitality looks like
  • How to break unsustainable habits
  • What a sustainable mindset means 
  • Sustainable habits you can use at home
  • Sustainable practices for your workplace
  • How to share your sustainable practices with guests 
  • Forming a green team to manage your sustainability policies
  • Inspirational ideas from sustainable businesses around the world

And more! 

Who the Sustainability 101 course is for

This course is aimed at employees and operators in travel and tourism.

Duration: 54m 43s

Lessons: 10


By watching all the lessons and receiving a pass mark of 80% or more on the quiz, the earner of this credential will show an understanding of sustainability, why it's important, what sustainable tourism and hospitality looks like, and learn sustainable habits to use at home and in the workplace.

Expiration: Never