Hand hygiene fundamentals

Issued by: Diversey


Hand hygiene is a critical part of occupational health and safety, but if we're being honest, it gets overlooked more often than it should. 

In the Hand hygiene fundamentals course, Diversey will teach you about the chain of infection, and how it can be broken; strategies for implementing good hand hygiene practices; and recognizing when and how to do hand hygiene.

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Reflect on their hand hygiene practices
  • Break the chain of infection
  • Maintain proper hand hygiene and work safely
  • Conduct proper hygiene practices throughout a work period
  • Maintain healthy hands
  • Practice hygiene tips

Duration: 22m 32s

Lessons: 6


By watching all the lessons and receiving a pass mark of 80% or more on the quiz, the earner of this credential will show an understanding of the importance on hand hygiene during the cleaning operations, understanding why it is essential to use hand hygiene protocols correctly and you'll learn how to keep your hands clean in situations you will encounter during your job.

Expiration: Never