Enhanced cleaning and disinfection

Issued by: Diversey


Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting is a critical part of occupational health and safety and always has been. But truth be told, the conversation has become more common since COVID-19. 

In the Enhanced cleaning and disinfection course, Diversey will teach you why cleaning during an outbreak is important, how to prepare spaces for cleaning; and how to put it into action.

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Work safely, protect themselves and others
  • Prepare for enhanced cleaning & disinfection
  • Understand the process and the requirement to follow product instructions
  • Identify high-risk surfaces
  • Follow instructions when dealing with body spillage

Duration: 22m 52s

Lessons: 6


By watching all the lessons and receiving a pass mark of 80% or more on the quiz, the earner of this credential will show an understanding of the meaning and importance of enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, demonstrate the cleaning and disinfection process for infection control, and identify what is considered body spillage.

Expiration: Never