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Conference and event planning strategies make your event-related tasks clear and achievable.

In this lesson, Sandy Biback shares with you some great tips on how to plan your event strategies for success.

Content created by Sandy Biback

For about 15 years, Sandy has taught hospitality and conference management at several colleges. She has served on countless boards within professional associations and has collaborated in writing and publishing industry textbooks. Along the way, she has continued to learn, and grow within her own profession. She has won several awards for her work, her teaching and her mentoring. Aligned with her retirement in 2017, she began researching the horrors of sex trafficking and realized it was happening in hotels at all levels; at conferences; and even at sporting events. She founded Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking (MPAHT) as a grassroots organization with a group of passionate professionals, to create awareness and collaboration between planners and hotels. Ultimately, MPAHT wants to see every planner ask about training of every hotel they intend to use but also to encourage every hotel to have training in place for all of their staff members. In 2019, Sandy was also named a winner of the 2019 Smart Women in Meetings Award in the Visionary category. This prestigious awards platform honors women who are making significant impacts on the meetings industry and inspiring female meeting ambassadors worldwide.


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