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Active listening is a valuable skill that can serve as a powerful tool. However, like any skill, it requires practice to master. Whether engaging with guests, colleagues, or managers, active listening can significantly enhance the quality of conversation, transforming it from merely satisfactory to truly exceptional.

In this online lesson about management, Orianne Gambino will explain what active listening is and why it's important. She will also share her tops tips for practicing active listening.

What you'll learn in the Tips for practicing active listening lesson

  • What active listening is
  • The benefits of active listening
  • The number one enemy of active listening
  • Why taking a moment to process before answering is important
  • The importance of eye contact
  • Why repeating back what someone said can help to clarify what you have been told


Content created by Orianne Gambino.

Orianne Gambino is a leadership and mindset coach. Orianne believes an improved mindset empowers leaders to play bigger and thrive in times of change. She works closely with executives and business owners, to develop their leadership skills, improve their self-confidence and overall mindset. Orianne owns a newsletter called The Simple Mind where she shares weekly tools and concepts to help self-doubters and overthinkers simplify their mind.

You can connect with Orianne on LinkedIn and on her website.


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