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Tempered, melted, powdered? Chocolate is an amazing ingredient that can be manipulated in many different ways and used in a variety of recipes.

In this lesson, Audrey Gellet and Julien Boutonnet take you through the basics of working with chocolate.

Content created by Audrey Gellet and Julien Boutonnet

Audrey Gellet and Julien Boutonnet are from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). Julien Boutonnet, who joined EHL in 2015, is a Senior Lecturer Practical Arts and Executive Chef teaching pastry and candy making courses. His passion for pastries earned him numerous awards including Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) (2015); the Charles Proust trophy winner (2006); runner-up in European Championships of Sugar (2005); Pascal Caffet trophy winner (2004); and runner-up as Best Apprentice in France (2000). He obtained a technical degree in pastry making at the Luc Guillet pastry in France and has worked in top-notch establishments, such as Pascal Caffet, the Frances' famous national pastry school in Yssingeaux and the Four Seasons hotel in Geneva. 

Audrey Gellet, who joined EHL in 2012, started in the pastry department of Berceau des Sens (BDS) and has been a Lecturer in the Practice Pastry section since 2014. After earning an associate's degree in culinary arts, she worked at Maison Pic under the guidance of Philippe Rigollot. After working in Valence and Lausanne restaurants, she became Pic group's head of pastry making and worked for five years at the Anne-Sophie Pic in Lausanne. She has also participated in the preparation of competitions, such as the French national dessert championships, the International Confectionery Art Competition, and the TV program broadcast on France 2 "Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier?" [Who will be the next big pastry chef?] - being herself the proud winner in 2013 and member of the Jury in 2018. 


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