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No one likes a clogged toilet - not only can they disrupt a guest's experience, but they can make a room unhygienic. In this online lesson about maintaining or replacing equipment, Nick Lawniczak will explain how to check and fix toilets.

What you'll learn in the Toilets: Preventative maintenance lesson

  • The process of inspecting and assessing the functionality of a toilet tank
  • The process of inspecting and troubleshooting a slow-flushing toilet by examining internal components, including the handle, flush valve, flapper, and fill valve
  • How to troubleshoot a slow-flushing toilet, attempting to clear a potential partial clog using a plunger or an auger
  • The process of checking the stability and detecting leaks at the base of a toilet, including using toilet paper to identify water leaks and inspecting the caulk

Who the Preventative maintenance applications course is for

The Preventative maintenance applications online course is aimed at hotel maintenance staff and property asset employees looking to maximize their maintenance skill-set and help create unforgettable guest experiences.


Nick Lawniczak

Nicholas Lawniczak, an accomplished REWS/FM professional with over a decade of experience, began from the ground up, progressing from fixing leaks and unclogging toilets to managing 1 billion square feet of facilities and billions of dollars' worth of assets.

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