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Along with the other members of the Sand Hill Road Group, Matt Mullins currently owns seven prominent Melbourne pubs – the Garden State Hotel, the Richmond Club Hotel, Prahran Hotel, Bridge Hotel, the Terminus Hotel, the Posty and Holliava.

So it’s no surprise that he has learnt a lot about re-imagining and reinventing rundown pubs since the group formed in May 2000.

In this mentor session, Matt shares his best advice about purchasing and renovating a new venue, and divulges the financial dangers that can arise if you don’t understand your market.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to build a stronger venue through your planning processes
  • Why you should design your venue to suit your market’s wants and needs
  • Why it’s important to learn about industry regulations such as liquor licensing before you get started
  • Why you should hire experts to help

New bar and restaurant owners, it’s time to start your business right with the help of an industry pro.


Matt Mullins

Matt Mullins is the co-owner of Sand Hill Road, a pub group that has owned and operated eight major Melbourne pubs since 1999.

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