The passionate CEO of Green Heart Foods

Lisa Chatham

5m 8s


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Lisa Chatham is the founder and CEO of Green Heart Foods. From a home kitchen start, Green Heart Foods has evolved into a multi-million dollar catering business in San Francisco.

As someone who has spent her entire working life in the restaurant industry, Lisa always wanted to pursue a career that involved food. But she also wanted to have control over her lifestyle – meaning no late nights! – which was how her catering business was born.

In this mentor session, Lisa talks about the importance of forging your own path in the hospitality industry, and pursuing the career that makes the most sense to you.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to tackle the transition from staff member to CEO
  • How to stay focused and motivated as a business owner
  • Why it’s important to establish core values for your business

Aspiring business owners, fuel your passion with these helpful insights!


Lisa Chatham

CEO of Green Heart Foods

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