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Kristene King Thrall is a sommelier and the Director of Training at Louie’s Wine Dive, a bar in Kansas City known for making wine more accessible to the average person. USA Today included it on their list of 10 Great Restaurants With Amazing Wine Lists.

Part of what makes the bar so successful is its engaging training program, which helps young servers and sommeliers learn about wine from every angle.

In this mentor session, Kristene shares her tips for building a fun culture of learning in your venue.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to be innovative with your wine service, and how this can benefit your business financially
  • How to develop a wine training program that appeals to 18-34 year olds

Up your game with expert coaching! This mentor session is perfect for bar owners and managers who want to wow guests with their wine service.


Kristene King Thrall

Kristene King Thrall is a sommelier and Director of Training at Louie’s Wine Dive in Kansas City. As a wine educator, she is passionate about introducing diners to new and exciting brands.

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