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While you can’t remove every negative review of your hospitality business, you can flag reviews that are fake, inappropriate or irrelevant, because these can do serious damage to your venue’s reputation.

It’s all about understanding what violates posting guidelines on top review websites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor, so you can take action.

Joshua Swanson is an expert in online reputation management. In this lesson, he explains what can and can’t get a negative review removed – and why you be careful when flagging inappropriate content, to avoid getting penalized by review sites.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The top 5 most common violations that can get a review taken down
  • What Yelp’s content guidelines are
  • Why you should flag inappropriate photo and video content as well as written reviews

Marketers, this is a must watch for protecting your business’s online reputation! It’s also a perfect lesson for owners and managers at smaller venues who want to gain better control over their online reviews.


Joshua Swanson

Joshua Swanson is a digital marketing executive and consultant with a passion for business. He is the CEO of digital marketing agency GoToMyApartment.

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