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If you want your sourdough to be moist, airy but crunchy on the outside, you’ll need to make a sourdough starter with flour and water which will create a natural yeast. In this lesson, Shaun de Vries takes you through the steps of making a sourdough starter. 

Content created by Shaun de Vries. Shaun de Vries is the director of Open Pantry Consulting, which supports a movement towards a more innovative future where profit, quality experiences, community, environmental impact, and sustainability can thrive together. He began his career as a baking apprentice at the age of 16 and has gone on to work in the hospitality industry for nearly 22 years. His work has taken him around the world including Adelaide, Vancouver, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne as well as across multiple brand segments including high-end artisan products, quality chain store groups, and large mass multi-nationals. You can find Shaun on Instagram or on his Open Pantry Podcast.


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