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Whether you're a manager or a front-of-house staff member, encountering difficult conversations with guests can be challenging. These interactions may leave you feeling overwhelmed, upset, or even angry. So, how can you effectively manage your emotions and return to your day-to-day responsibilities?

In this online lesson about customer service, Orianne Gambino will explain how to get back to neutral after having difficult conversations.

What you'll learn in the How to get back to neutral after a difficult conversation online lesson

  • What you should do after having difficult conversations with guests
  • Why acknowledging your feelings is important
  • Why taking a mental break is important after having a difficult conversation
  • How to stop dwelling on difficult conversations


Content created by Orianne Gambino.

Orianne Gambino is a leadership and mindset coach. Orianne believes an improved mindset empowers leaders to play bigger and thrive in times of change. She works closely with executives and business owners, to develop their leadership skills, improve their self-confidence and overall mindset. Orianne owns a newsletter called The Simple Mind where she shares weekly tools and concepts to help self-doubters and overthinkers simplify their mind.

You can connect with Orianne on LinkedIn and on her website.


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