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Meet Hannah Brennan, CEO and Co-Founder of Scarf. Scarf is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. The organization is dedicated to transforming the lives of young people seeking protection, and those from refugee and migrant backgrounds, by getting them into hospitality work. Scarf offers a variety of hospitality training programs and partnerships to help young people get a foot in the door.

Hannah began her career in hospitality over 20 years ago, discovering a passion for both the service industry and supporting people facing barriers to employment. Since then, she has sought new ways to combine these passions to be able to create pathways into hospitality employment and create positive social change.

In this mentor session, Hannah Brennan walks you through her journey into social enterprise, what she's learned, and shares what makes her passionate about social change.

Discover inspiring skills for today's world, including:
  • Recognizing opportunities for positive change
  • The power of small actions for big change
  • Helping achieve equal opportunity in the hospitality industry

Whether you're new to hospitality or looking for new ways to give back to your community, this mentor session will provide you with the inspiration you need. Skill up now!


Hannah Brennan

Hannah Brennan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Scarf, an organization dedicated to combining hospitality with positive social change.

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