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Amaka Amatokwu-Ndekwu is an award-winning hospitality professional, based in the United States. As the Founder and President of The Women in Hospitality Nigeria (WIHN), she has a proven history of tenacity and drive for leadership in the industry, and a passion for establishing a paradigm shift in gender equality within hospitality and tourism.

Amaka’s storied and decorated career includes providing mentorship through the Lagos Business School and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Business; partnering with Interswitch Group on their Merchant Payment Services; and serving as a course facilitator with the International Security Organization, Switzerland. In addition, she was recently selected as a member of the Top 100 Founding Volunteers Mentors of the Manatee Mentors Program in Basel, Switzerland.

Her drive to contribute to industry reform has led her to play a role in the reshaping, growth, and socio-economic development of hospitality and tourism in Nigeria. These efforts have earned her several award nominations, including an award honoring her work from the Global Leadership Institute.

In this mentor session, Amaka explores the best ways to find your voice as a leader, and champion women in hospitality.

Learn skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to work as a team to support gender equality
  • Key strategies for succeeding in hospitality leadership
  • Understanding and overcoming common challenges for women in hospitality

Whatever your role in hospitality, this mentor session can help you find ways to support emerging voices within the industry. Watch it now!


Amaka Amatokwu-Ndekwu

Amaka Amatokwu-Ndekwu is an award-winning mentor and leader in equality reform within hospitality.

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