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Chaminda Jayawardana manages the operations at the Lumbini Tea Factory and Lumbini Tea Gardens, located in Sri Lanka. Although Lumbini Tea Factory was previously owned by his father, Chaminda has been instrumental in seeing the factory become the world's most awarded tea producer.

While studying bio-science in college, Chaminda had a dream to become a tea planter. After confessing his aspirations to his father, Chaminda trained at a private tea estate for 6 months and was later appointed as assistant superintendent at the Kahawatta Plantations. Two years later, he joined the New Vithanakande Tea Factory as assistant superintendent where he learned about manufacturing and processing tea. During his time at New Vithanakande, Chaminda also had the opportunity to train under the Founder and Director of the factory, Nirmalee Pilapitiya, for six months before taking a new job for Asia Siyaka Commodities in Colombo as a tea taster.

The oxygen-rich atmosphere in the Lumbini tea valley and ecofriendly agricultural practices have helped the plantation win more than 60 national and international awards. In 2019, when Sri Lanka celebrated its 150th year in the tea industry, Lumbini received the Presidential Award for the Best Small Scale Tea Factory in Sri Lanka from President Maithripala Sirisena.

In this mentor session, Chaminda shares the story of how Lumbini has become one of the most successful tea plantations in Sri Lanka.

Learn hospitality skills for today's world, including:

  • How the environment affects tea
  • Why quality is key when making tea
  • The importance of knowing where your product comes from
  • The importance of giving back
  • How team mates can grow to become your family

Whether you are a tea connoisseur who drinks a cup a day, or are a more casual drinker just interested in learning more about this herbal beverage, this mentor session will deepen your industry knowledge and give you things to think about as you brew your next cup! Skill up now!


Chaminda Jayawardana
Chaminda Jayawardana is a tea expert who has lead the Lumbini Tea Factory to become one of the most awarded tea plantations in Sri Lanka.
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