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The Art Series Hotel is one of the most popular boutique hotel brands in Australia. It’s especially well known for its quirky marketing campaigns, which have won some of the most coveted advertising awards in the world, including a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions.

Beckie Mitchell is the group’s Marketing Manager. In 2012, she helped the hotel run its controversial Steal Banksy campaign, which invited guests to steal an original Banksy painting off the wall in the lobby. The campaign had a huge impact on the hotel’s image – it reached 61 different countries and was covered in over 300 media outlets!

In this mentor session, Beckie talks about how small hotels can use viral campaigns like Steal Banksy to draw attention from customers.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The secret to building a social media presence on a low or non-existent budget
  • Why you have to take risks with your marketing
  • Why you should undertake proper market research and planning before launching a campaign

Master your venue’s marketing with pointers from the world’s best!


Beckie Mitchell

Beckie Mitchell is the Marketing Manager of the Art Series Hotel Group. Due to her work behind the scenes, the Art Series attracts publicity from around the world.

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