3 ways to get your servers to sell more

Darren Denington

3m 6s


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As a restaurant manager, it’s part of your role to teach servers how to upsell.

The key to a successful upsell is to make a connection and provide true value, not to use pushy sales techniques that aren’t effective.

In this lesson, restaurant consultant Darren Denington explains three of the most effective sales methods, which you can pass onto your servers. Find out how to increase their confidence when communicating with guests, and reap the rewards.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • Three simple sales techniques that work – personal recommendations, the bump up, and the welcome back offer
  • Tips for communicating these techniques to your servers

Restaurant managers, it’s time to amp up your leadership skills with help from our experts!


Darren Denington

President of Service With Style

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