The University Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) is an employment-focused university, dedicated to ensuring students from diverse backgrounds develop the academic knowledge and practical skills to thrive. The University offers innovative teaching, state-of-the-art equipment and support across a wide range of learning locations and courses.


Loredana Dinu is a student of the University Wales Trinity Saint David where she is currently studying hospitality and tourism. Alongside her studies, Loredana is a mother to a one-year-old girl. Juggling parenthood and study, Loredana has found that time is crucial and many of her classes took extensive time to study for.

During her research for classes, Loredana also found many of the books she was referring to contradicted one another. This often resulted in confusion and having to select the best possible option to be able to complete her assignments. Many of her assignments also had extensive resources she was required to read but all had very little had practical examples she could refer to.


Loredana found Typsy during her studies and discovered an instant solution to her study constraints.

Firstly, Typsy provided Loredana with quick and easy-to-watch online videos on topics she was studying. Not only could she watch them after her classes, but she was also able to watch lessons and courses while caring for her daughter.

Secondly, Typsy offered Loredana a simple and easy way to complete research for her assignments. Typsy's course content and expert instructors provided Loredana with an easy-to-follow learning path that coincided with what her tutors discussed in class.


Since utilizing Typsy for her classes, Loredana has found her grades increase and gained confidence in her work. What once took hours of pouring over books that contradicted one another, now takes Loredana less than 60 minutes to gain the knowledge she needs to complete her studies.

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