The University of Surrey is a leading university located in England. The University of Surrey offers a wide range of subjects that reflect the areas of their specialist teaching knowledge and research fields, including hospitality, events, tourism and transport.


Students from the University of Surrey study hospitality, events, and tourism in a number of classes to help them progress into roles within the hospitality industry. The Univerity was in need of practical skills training that could sit alongside content provided in the classroom. Students, although provided textbooks on many of their classroom subjects, were finding it difficult to picture the content they were studying and placing it in a restaurant or hotel scenario.



The University of Surrey turned to Typsy to provide their students with practical online learning videos that could provide them with visual indicators of how their classroom learning could be used in a hospitality venue. 

Josh Souter, a University of Surrey student, was in need of practical skills training content to assist him with his people skills, especially when it came to interacting with guests. Josh turned to Typsy to gain practical examples of how to properly interact with guests on a day-to-day basis. Typsy courses such as Table service fundamentals, Body language basics, and Wine 101 for servers helped him learn how to present himself to guests, how to perform wine service, and how to interact with guests with confidence.

Kanokwan Suphonsin, another University of Surrey student, wanted to find practical tips to help her build her time management and teamwork skills. Typsy's clear explanations and easy-to-follow tips provided her with the tools needed to strengthen those skills and help her become a confident leader. 


Since watching Typsy courses, students at the University of Surrey have been able to apply the practical skills they have learned in their university classes. 

Both Kanokwan Suphonsin and Josh Souter have received more than 100 skill credits and over 10 different certificates each. 

By using Typsy Josh has gained more of an awareness of how to deliver high-quality table service. His new skills have seen him be selected to wait on Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, for his royal visit to the University campus in 2022.

Meanwhile, Kanokwan Suphonsin, has noted that she has been able to gain skills in a wide range of hospitality areas providing her with a more holistic view of the industry. 

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