Why did you choose to train with Typsy?

So when I started out as a dishwasher, when I previously worked at Punchbowl Social, the primary job that I had there was being a dishwasher, and that was the only thing I knew at the time. And then I made a decision. I said, Well, you know, I don't want to do, you know, dishwashing? You know, the whole time. I want to learn how to do new things. When I was doing dishwashing at the restaurant, I started taking courses course after course after course to learn about new things and new topics, new subjects about hospitality.

2. What do you think your career would look like if you didn't find Typsy?

If I didn't find Typsy at all, I would have been just doing the same thing. Typsy helped me tremendously in my career because I went from being a dishwasher to a kitchen porter and a bar back. And I never would have known a new skill at all if I didn't if I hadn't known about Typsy.

3. Did you study with an idea of what you wanted to learn or just browse through the library?

I would say both, cause I saw this course that dealt with rostering management, and I wanted to learn more about that because I noticed that most managers deal with pressure scheduling people, and scheduling hours of people who fill these roles. So I decided to take a course on that and learn more about the management, the managing side, about it, and the leadership side about it.

4. Is there a skill you have developed from training on Typsy?

I would say leadership. Most of my co-workers are beginning to see that I made changes with the restaurant. You know, based on the leadership side of it.

5. Is there a course that stood out to you?

What stands out is the baking course, it helped me understand the nuances. It also helped me understand the fundamentals of baking. So I was blown away by their course and I liked it. I would recommend anybody who wants to learn more about the cooking and cooking side of hospitality.

6. Would you recommend training with Typsy?

If people want to put their foot in a door, get the training first. So they say they should use Typsy first so that they have an understanding of the hospitality side.

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