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Welcome to Transformational leadership: a behavioral introduction!

Transformational leadership is about transforming the everyday into something you wouldn't have thought possible - realizing your full potential and turning that into reality.

In this online masterclass led by neuroscience-based coaches CD Kotze and Allan Elias, you'll discover the difference transformational leadership can make to you and your team.

Through strategies and behaviors based on positive psychology, you can learn how to improve business results, grow as a leader, and empower people around you to grow as well.

If you want to make your mark and create positive change, this class is for you!

What you'll learn in the Transformational leadership online class:

  • What defines a transformational leader
  • Transformational vs transactional leadership
  • The characteristics of a transformational leader
  • The five steps of becoming a transformational leader
  • How to create your own vision and brand of transformational leadership

Ready to begin?

Who the Transformational leadership class is for

The Transformational leadership online class is open to anyone interested in leadership skills and professional development.


CD Kotze

CD Kotze is a certified neuroscience-based transformational coach.

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