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If you’re using Instagram or Twitter for your business, you need to sharpen up your hashtag skills – it’s a great way to get your content into people’s newsfeeds and spread brand awareness along the way. But using hashtags on social media isn’t as simple as typing in your business name – you need to get a little bit more #creative with it.

In this lesson, social media expert Sam Mutimer shares her tips for nailing your hashtag game.

What you'll learn in the How to use social media hashtags lesson

  • How to use hashtags on social media
  • The value of creating new hashtags vs leveraging off existing ones
  • Figuring out how many hashtags to use and how they should read

Who the Social media for hospitality businesses course is for

Owners and managers of hospitality businesses, it’s time to boost your social media presence with help from our star instructors!


Sam Mutimer

Sam Mutimer is the founder and Director of Social Media at Thinktank Social. She is one of Australia's foremost social media speakers.

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