How to prevent cross contamination

Alastair McLeod

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Avoiding the cross contamination of ingredients in a professional kitchen is a crucial consideration. While ingredients can interact perfectly in meals, they can’t all be prepared using the same tools and workspaces.

Some ingredients, such as poultry and shellfish, are at a higher risk of breeding bacteria than others. There is also the risk of transferring allergens while preparing meals if you aren’t careful about cross contamination.

To ensure you are preparing meals in a safe environment, you have to ensure your kitchen is organized in the right way so it can accommodate the preparation of various ingredients.

In this lesson for back of house staff, chef and TV personality Alastair McLeod explains how to prevent cross contamination.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen
  • Tips for keeping your workspace well organized


Alastair McLeod

Owner of Al’FreshCo

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