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Having all of the social media accounts for your hospitality business set up and ready to go is just the first step – and filling those platforms with fantastic content isn’t enough on its own either. If people aren’t following your accounts, that content is going to waste. As part of your marketing strategy, you need to figure out how to get existing and potential customers to follow you on social media.

In this online lesson, social media whiz Sam Mutimer shares her tips for growing your social media following.

What you'll learn in the How to get more social media followers lesson

  • How to get more social media followers
  • The importance of calls-to-action
  • How to incentivize your customers to follow you on social media
  • How to integrate the offline and online aspects of your business

Who the Social media for hospitality businesses course is for

Owners and managers of hospitality businesses, it’s time to boost your social media presence with help from the experts!


Sam Mutimer

Sam Mutimer is the founder and Director of Social Media at Thinktank Social. She is one of Australia's foremost social media speakers.

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