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Welcome to Dissecting distribution: data, distribution, dynamic pricing, and storytelling!

These are four essential components for a successful revenue strategy - but not always well-understood, or properly utilized!

So in this online masterclass led by Fabian Bartnick, a highly experienced revenue management consultant, you'll learn how to optimize your distribution landscape. You'll get key insights into analyzing, interpreting, and communicating data points to develop a cohesive, effective revenue strategy.

With Fabian's expert guidance, you'll develop an approach to revenue management that empowers you to make the most of your data and, of course, drive revenue!

What you'll learn in the Dissecting distribution online class:

  • How to get insights from any data
  • Understand the process of optimizing data
  • Learn how to turn data into stories
  • Understanding your distribution landscape
  • Creating a pricing structure that drives revenue

Ready to become a revenue rockstar?

Who the Dissecting distribution class is for

The Dissecting distribution online class is aimed at early-career revenue managers, reservations managers, general managers, and operation managers.


Fabian Bartnick

Fabian Bartnick is a dedicated and experienced revenue management expert.

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