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As the social media presence of your business grows, so will customer feedback – and this will include the occasional complaint from a disgruntled customer. Because this complaint will be out in the open for everyone to see, it’s important to find the best way to respond – to fix the situation before it escalates.

In this online lesson, social media whiz Sam Mutimer shares her pro tips for responding to customer complaints on social media.

What you'll learn in the Dealing with complaints on social media lesson

  • What to do when you receive a complaint on social media
  • How to prepare a response to fix the situation
  • How to tell a genuine customer complaint apart from a troll

Who the Social media for hospitality businesses course is for

Owners and managers of hospitality businesses, it’s time to boost your social media presence with help from the experts!


Sam Mutimer

Sam Mutimer is the founder and Director of Social Media at Thinktank Social. She is one of Australia's foremost social media speakers.

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