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Welcome to Creating magic!

Great teamwork can create extraordinary customer experiences - and that all starts with building an empowering, engaging workplace culture. If you want to empower your team to make magic together, this class is for you!

Your instructors for this class are Dan Cockerell, former Vice President of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, and Valerie Cockerell, former Facilitator for the Disney Institute.

Drawing on their combined 41 years of experience at Disney, Dan and Valerie will guide you through building a workplace culture that empowers hospitality and tourism teams to create workplace magic.

What you'll learn in the Creating magic online class

  • How to create a workplace environment that empowers and engages employees
  • Fostering a culture that supports leadership excellence, employee performance, and exceptional customer service
  • Developing a sustainable workplace culture for sustainable results
  • How to prepare yourself to effectively lead a team
  • Tips to get started

Ready to begin?

Who the Creating magic class is for

The Creating magic online class is aimed at managers, people and culture staff, and anyone who wants to discover how to create an empowering, productive culture in the workplace.


Valerie and Dan Cockerell

Dan Cockerell is a former Vice President of Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Valerie Cockerell is a former Facilitator for the Disney Institute.

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