Custom Content

Create and distribute your own training videos with Typsy

The Typsy library is full of hospitality lessons on a variety of topics, but we understand that sometimes you need training specific to your organization.

With Custom Content, you have two options. You can film and upload your own videos using our DIY service. Or we can give you access to a professional film crew – and you can take your training to the next level.

Content as a service

If you choose our Content as a Service option, you can take full advantage of our film production company. That means you can create glossy, Hollywood quality training videos guaranteed to get your staff’s attention. You choose the location and the content, and we’ll take care of the filming, editing and graphics.


  • Professional videos featuring your own managers
  • The help of an education expert
  • Training videos uploaded to your account within 14 days
  • Pre-negotiated pricing and fast, quality results

Do it yourself

Prefer to shoot it yourself? No problem! With our Do It Yourself option, you can bust out your smartphone, film whatever you like, and upload it straight onto our platform, to be sent out to your staff immediately. If you’ve got a Typsy Business, Corporate or Academic account, you can get the Custom Content feature.


  • The freedom to start filming right away
  • No outsourced video production costs
  • Use of our platform to distribute the course
  • Tools to monitor the success of your content

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"Content as a service has been wonderful, because it allows me to focus on the things I do best. Being able to have our training recorded, edited, and delivered with consistent quality has been ultra important to us."

Kylie Macumber - Brougham Arms Hotel