Video Marketing 101 for Hotels

Instructor: Matt Landau Duration: 5:54 mins Type: Short Course Category: Marketing

“If you’re able to test the waters of video, I can guarantee that the relationship you begin building with your potential guests will be stronger and will last longer than anything you’ve done so far.”

Video is a powerful tool to build relationships with B&B potential guests. In this short course, Matt Landau shares his insights on how to incorporate video on your website on a low budget, including what topics to cover and how you can track video engagement.

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Matt Landau

Founder of Vacation Rental Marketing Matt Landau is passionate about helping B&B and vacation rental owners generate more bookings using online marketing. As a long-time owner himself, he has learnt the tricks of the trade by constantly learning and emerging himself in the industry, and now shares his wisdom through his blogs.

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