55m 51s

13 Lessons


Never heard of GDPR? Well, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a set of regulatory guidelines for data security set by the EU. If you handle or process guest data and information in any way - particularly if you’re in the EU, work with businesses in the EU, or host guests from the EU - this course is for you. 

As members of the service industry, we collect data every day – and data is collected about us every day. Knowing how to keep your customers’ personal information secure is an essential skill in the hospitality industry, which increasingly relies on digital technology to operate smoothly. 

In this course, Jamal Ahmed, privacy professional and GDPR Practitioner, will walk you through the fundamentals of data protection and privacy. From data protection principles and obtaining valid consent, to individual rights and handling data breaches, this course can teach you to handle data safely and securely, keeping customers assured and happy that their information is in safe hands. 


  • What GDPR is and who it applies to
  • What personal data actually means, and the types of data it’s okay to process
  • The key principles of GDPR 
  • The lawful basis for protecting data 
  • The reasons and requirements for obtaining consent for data processing
  • Identifying and understanding individual rights around personal data 
  • Why and how to allocate the role of Data Protection Officer within your business
  • The consequences of poor data security
  • How to report a data breach 
  • International privacy laws

This course is ideal for anyone in the hospitality industry who processes, or has access to, client personal information and data.