How Dose Impacts Espresso Extraction

Instructor: Pete Licata Duration: 3:45 mins Type: Short Course Category: Food and Beverage

“I really want you to understand how we can manipulate the dose to get an ideal shot of espresso.” 

The amount of coffee going into the portafilter will have a significant effect on the final espresso – especially the flavor. Pete Licata outlines the details to pay attention to when preparing to extract a shot of espresso.

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Pete Licata

World Barista Champion of 2013 Pete Licata has been working with coffee since 2003. He has worked in every facet of the industry, from farming to packaging and everything in between. In 2013 he won the World Barista Championship with a cocktail-inspired beverage. Pete now runs Licata Coffee Consultants, teaching and training competition baristas. He also helps new businesses get set up, sources coffee and runs roasting evaluations.

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