Blogging and Guides 101 for Hotels

Instructor: Matt Landau Duration: 4:59 mins Type: Short Course Category: Marketing

“A blog post makes for a wonderful bit of snackable content. Oftentimes we have so  many ideas that it almost comes out as a flow from a fire hydrant, when really, the traveller is only looking for a sip of water.”

Blogs are the most common place to host your content, while a guide can be an easier content marketing piece to produce if you’re short on time. In this short course, Matt Landau talks about why both are great and how you can best use them to your advantage.

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Matt Landau

Founder of Vacation Rental Marketing Matt Landau is passionate about helping B&B and vacation rental owners generate more bookings using online marketing. As a long-time owner himself, he has learnt the tricks of the trade by constantly learning and emerging himself in the industry, and now shares his wisdom through his blogs.

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