Organize training for all your hospitality venues, fast

Schedule it. Learn it. Track it. This is the training of today.

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How Typsy Works for Corporate:

Manage your venues in one place

Fulfill the training needs for all your venues in one easy to use platform. Typsy offers courses on a range of topics, giving you flexibility to train all your staff.

Schedule courses to all your teams

Choose your courses, select your team members, hit save. Scheduling staff training is done in a few clicks, and your team members get notified right away.

Assign managers to support you

Give power to those who are closest to your people. Assign training managers for your venues in Typsy, so they can create schedules for the team members who need them.

Get insights and report them

Track engagement for your venues, your schedules, and individual staff members. In your dashboard, you get an overview of what’s happening across teams for your own reporting.

Stephanie Edgerton, Crabapple Kitchen
Typsy is a game-changer in hospitality training. They have cracked a formula that works for even the most time poor operators and provides constant inspiration and motivation to better your business and employees through all sorts of channels. And better yet, it's affordable!
Stephanie Edgerton, Crabapple Kitchen