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The pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality

Give the gift of Typsy

Typsy is an online hospitality learning platform for everyone, but we know not everyone can afford to train their staff.

That's why we created our Buy one give one program. When you sign up for Typsy as a business you can opt to gift a Typsy membership to a social enterprise that supports people and organizations worldwide.

Help us help others create a positive change in the hospitality industry.

How it works

Hear from our sponsors

Scarf has been operating since 2010 and was created out of a desire to spport young people hungry for hospitality jobs that were facing barries to getting those jobs or gain the skills to get those opportunities. Scarf brought these keen people and matched them with mentors keen to share knowledge and networks.

Scarf created Scarf Dinners which now pop up at some of Melbourne's most iconic restaurants every season.

Together we help to create amazing dining experiences through providing hospitality skills training to the Scarf community. Young people get hands-on hospitality experience and have unlimited access to the Typsy platform so they can earn certificates and gain skills credits. This gives them great confidence to get real industry jobs. Scarf continues to be a recipe for success but needs continued support from businesses like Typsy.

Freedom Hub is a registered charity with a mission to rehabilitate and empower victims of human trafficking and slavery to develop new skills. Typsy provides online hospitality training to the Freedom Hub. They have a cafe in Sydney where one hundred percent of the Cafe profits support survivors of slavery within Australian borders.

Sally Irwin, the founder says "Every Australian should be able to do something about the human trafficking that is happening in our own country. The Freedom Hub creates this opportunity with a marketplace for re-aligned spending. Choosing to enjoy the café; visit our shop; buy ethical products on line, or partner to help a survivor; are now tools you can use to fight this crime. Aligning your spending with your values is choosing to do good on purpose. Alone you can make a difference, but together we can make an impact. That’s our philosophy."

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